We are aware that building in a prestigious area such as Domaine du Mont-Jasper-style involves many constraints. The diligent application of these constraints will help ensure the quality of the properties, preserve the natural beauty and charm of the site. Buyers are guarenteed an interesting return on their investment.


No property should serve as a business, for example: doctor’s office, lawyer’s office, daycare centre, hairdresser, etc.

Members of the association must obtain written permission from the developers to erect a sign.

A garage attached to the house should not obstruct the neighbour's view.

A written approval of construction plans and choice of sidings is required for any new buildings before work begins.

Construction and landscaping must be completed within one year after obtaining building permits.

Construction sites must be kept as clean as possible.

There must be a written approval of the plans by the developers for a shed construction and it has to comply with style, sidind and roof of the adjacent house.

Clotheslines must not be visible from the street.

Fences are not allowed to delineate the boundaries of the lot.

No farm animal is allowed, for example: chickens, rabbits, pigs, ducks, etc..

Pets such as cats and dogs must remain discreet and on their master's property. The owner must clean after his pet everyday.

The culvert inlet circumference should be fitted with care to avoid subsidence of the private road.

Only the lamppost model chosen by the developers will be allowed around private entrances.

Recycling bins and waste containers should not be visible from the street except on the collection day.

No transport truck may be parked on a property for example: 10-wheel semi-trailer, trailer, etc.

No trailer or tent trailer may be parked on a property for camping.


No limited time is required to begin the construction.

When construction is complete, landscaping work must be finished within 12 months.

The developers must approve the construction plans.

The developers must approve the landscaping plans.

An effective sedimentation barrier is needed throughout the work and until complete stabilization.

The developers must approve all exterior renovations done after the construction.

The developers must approve the building location on the lot.

Only single-family residences and isolated country-style residences are permitted.

Main roofs must be made with asphalt shingles.

The main building must have two walls down on the front.

The porches bars on front and sides must be built with turned or architectural wood.

The front porch shall have a roof or architectural feature that protects against the elements.

Electric supplies must be underground.

Garage doors should be on the side of the building.

If the garage doors must be on the front :
- They must have windows;
- The garage must not exceed 70% of the facade;
- The garage must be set back from the building.

Any garage detached from the main building must be set back
from it.

Any shed-type accessory building type must have the main building architecture, for example: materials, coating, shape, colours, etc.

All equipment must be invisible from the street in order to minimize visual and noise impacts, for example: heat pump, tank,
antenna, etc.

Building siding must be of Mailbec-type with corners, windows edges and doors in different colours.

The building must be a different colour than immediate neighbours.

Apparent portions of the chimney must be made with masonry (stone) or false masonry.

All antennas must not be visible from the front. The Cogeco cable system is preferred.

Clotheslines are only permitted behind the house.

Outside decorative ornaments such as animal imitations, figurines, cement, plaster, plastic, wood, etc. are prohibited.

Only pole fences are accepted.

Deforestation within a front distance of 50 ft on lot is prohibited unless special circumstances.

The outside windows must be made of aluminum or PVC.

The road ditches leading to the building shall at all times retain sediment that can flow in it. It may be required to install a
debris basin.

No advertising sign is permitted., for example: contractors, excavators, architects, real estate agents, etc.

Each entry must have a front rock to post the residence street number.

Wall sector civic numbers must be conform to the area style and approved by the developers.

No display is allowed.