The lot sizes range from 35,000 ft2 to 85,000 ft2 and sometimes offers a view over Lake Archambault or a panoramic view of the majestic surrounding mountains.

Access to the various lakes of St-Donat allows water sports (skiing, boat rides, canoeing, kiteboarding, kayaking and sailing), swimming and fishing (lake trout, landlocked salmon, bass, etc.).

The MOUNTAIN sector offers a view of the western horizon, with breathtaking sunsets.

The WALL sector consists mostly of a mature maple trees and overlooks the southern horizon where the sun is present from morning to evening.

A bicycle trail and a crosscountry ski trail are passing through the three sectors of Domaine du Mont-Jasper and offer several sports destinations.

Near the Mont-Tremblant National Park.

Just 5 minutes from the Mont-Garceau and La Réserve ski centres and 30 minutes from 6 other major ski centres.

Next to the Trans-Québec snowmobile trail.

Less than 2 km from the beautiful Saint-Donat Golf Club and within 30 minutes of a dozen other golf courses.

Just 6 km away from an airport tarmac.

Access to over 8 lakes around St-Donat with municipal ramps.